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Fiscotti Fix Club

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The Fiscotti Fix Club (FFC) is for fans who want to treat themselves (or someone they love) to a monthly or quarterly care package. Each month/quarter, you can let Rose know which Fiscotti cookies you would like, or you can leave it to her to create a box to include the newest flavors as well as your signature favorites.

The great feature of the FCC is you can choose:

  • Monthly or Quarterly delivery/shipment options
  • Change or cancel your FFC subscription at any time!

FCC Boxes are filled with 12 assorted Fiscotti cookies that include the following flavours: 

Option ONE: 4 Nonna's Fiscotti, 4 Fiscotti Joy, 4 Fiscotti Bliss ($36)

Option TWO: 4 Naughty Fiscotti, 4 Fiscotti Joy, 4 Fiscotti Bliss ($36)

Option THREE: 4 Nonna's Fiscotti, 4 Naughty Fiscotti, 4 Fiscotti Bliss ($36)

Option FOUR: Mystery Box - a mix of signature and themed flavours ($36)