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Rose's Fiscotti

Fiscotti Subscription Boxes

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Be a part of the monthly Fiscotti Fix Club (FFC) and join Fiscotti Connoisseurs who receive a gourmet box of freshly made, brownie-like Fiscotti cookies delivered to their doorstep on a monthly basis.    

Each month, you receive a box of Fiscotti cookies that includes the newest themed flavour as well as the Fiscotti Signature Collection

FFC Packages available:

  • Fiscotti Sampler - Half Dozen ($18)
  • Fiscotti Fix - One Dozen (($37)
  • Fiscotti Stash - Two Dozen ($75)
Signature flavours available:

The FFC gift boxes can be enjoyed each month, whether you are ordering for yourself or for someone special who is celebrating a milestone or needs a pick-me-up!!

How to subscribe to FFC:

1. Pick your selection: a) Fiscotti Sampler b) Fiscotti Fix c) Fiscotti Stash (see below)
2. Choose local delivery / pickup or shipment 
3. If sending to a loved one, let me know if I need to add a special message for the occasion! 

Note - when checking out, all prices will include the 10% discount.