Rose's Journey

Dear Fiscotti Fans!! 

My baking journey started in 2016 and at the time, it was just something to do as I struggled to transition from working for companies over 25 years to running a business of my own. Who knew a job loss would lead to running two businesses, starting Rose to the Rescue with the intent of working with small businesses that needed a rescue with their administrative tasks. I am grateful to have worked with quite a few businesses so far, and some are now my Fiscotti fans. 

The fiscotti cookies really came out of nowhere. In fact, baking was not something I was good at. If my mom was alive, she would tell you that I wasn't a big fan of following recipes.

But one day, I called my aunt and asked her if she would share a recipe for the Italian Anise biscotti as she used to bake them for family functions over the Christmas holidays. My mom used to make them too, but she has been gone for quite a few years, making me miss them even more because when I ate them, it would remind me of the good old days. 

My first attempt at making the biscotti was not that great. My first batch had no uniform shape and they fell apart, but they tasted amazing. Some of my peeps know, I am not one to give up, so I gave it another try, more like a few more tries until I got the hang of it. While doing so, I asked myself,, 'why stop there?' so I dared to make other versions. One flavor led to another, people kept asking for more, so I kept baking them and this is how Rose's Fiscotti evolved.

Many have asked why the name "fiscotti" and not "biscotti" - well, it's simple. My last name starts with an F so I thought I'd change it up a bit... 

Now...I want you, your friends and family to try the Fiscottis too! You will have to judge for yourself as they make for the perfect gift for any occasion.  

Baking with amore!


The word biscotto is derived from the Latin “bis,” for “twice", and “coctum” or “baked” which would soon be adapted to “cotto,” meaning "cooked”.

Biscotti (Fiscotti too) is so special that National Biscotti Day is celebrated September 29th. 

Biscotti was originally served with Sweet Wine
Vin Santo, or Vino Santo, is a smooth, sweet dessert wine made predominantly in the Tuscan region of Italy. The wine is cherished for its intense flavors of hazelnut, caramel and apricot, and for centuries many Italians have adored the tradition of the perfect pairing of Vin Santo with biscotti. 

While biscotti today is often enjoyed with a coffee or espresso, many Italians still find the sweet wine pairing the ultimate ending to a meal or a perfect treat to while away the afternoon at a café.


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