Fiscotti Fix Club

The Fiscotti Fix Club (FFC) is for fans who want to treat themselves (or someone they love) to a monthly care package. Each month (or on a regular basis), you can let Rose know which Fiscotti cookies you would like, or you can simply leave it to her to create a box to include the newest flavor as well as her signature favorites.

Who wouldn’t want a batch of Fiscotti every month to look forward too? 

Send us a note to join the Fiscotti Monthly Club at

Here are some flavours we baked up so far! Please note, these cookies will only be available under the month it is listed. If a flavor becomes popular, we will add it to our signature collection. 


JanFiscotti Kick - Lemon & Blueberry / Fiscotti Punch - Lemon & Cranberry
Feb - Fiscotti Love - Chocolate, Red Smarties & Chocolate Chips
Mar - Fiscotti Bliss - Chocolate & Peppermint Chips (promoting as newest signature flavor)
Apr - Fiscotti Jolt - Chocolate, Kahlua, Chocolate covered Coffee Beans
May - Fiscotti Heaven - Chocolate, Rolo Minis & Sponged Toffee
June - repeat of April because Fiscotti Fans needed another Jolt


Jan - Fiscotti Zest - Lemon & Poppy
Feb - Fiscotti Love - Chocolate, Red Smarties & Chocolate Chips
Mar - Fiscotti Kiss - Chocolate, Irish Cream chips and flavoring
Apr - No cookie due to COVID
MayFiscotti Amore: Chocolate, marshmallow & Graham Crackers 
Jun - Fiscotti Burst - Chocolate, Orange Zest & Flavoring
July - No cookie
Aug - Chunky Fiscotti - Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Chips
Sept & Oct - Fiscotti Harvest - Pumpkin Spice & Seeds
Nov & Dec - Holly Fiscotti - Red Velvet & Cream Cheese flavouring
Nov & Dec - Jolly Fiscotti - Chocolate and Peppermint Chips

Your Delivered Package ~ your safety is the Fiscotti crew's main priority as we make sure the cookies are safely prepared and we offer curbside delivery (locally) or shipment (out of town) – making this service a no-brainer for anyone who wants to sweeten their day. 

Who wouldn’t want a batch of Fiscotti every month to look forward too? 

To join, send a note to