Fiscotti Love Notes

It humbles and melts my heart when I receive messages from my Fiscotti Fans.


Here's what they have to say... 


It humbles and melts my heart when I receive love notes from my Fiscotti Fans.

Here's what they are saying... 

Love Note from Cindy 
I tried your fiscotti last night at the Chamber meeting in Oro-Medonte. Wow!! Delicious and really nicely packaged up. Well done. I will be placing an order one of these days!

Love Note from Jeane
Rose has the most unique gift idea for any one for any occasion! She has perfected the biscotti and added her own delicious flavours to create the ultimate tasty treat! I was so thrilled to receive a box of these yummy morsels, I couldn’t wait to share them. Try them, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
Rose you Rock! Thank you for sharing your family recipe for everyone to enjoy! 💐

Love Note from Sharon
"Thank you for the gift card and 'Fiscotti'.  I've got to tell you that I am not a biscotti lover, but when I tasted the double chocolate Fiscotti, I was blown away with how amazing they were… I  L – O – V – E – D  -  L – O – V – E – D - L – O – V – E – D them!.  BTW, My husband is also a fan of them and wants me to get some the next time I come to Canada." 

Love Note from Ceone
"I'm still narrowing down which flavour I enjoy. Mom loves the Nonna's Fiscotti (she is not a huge fan of chocolate). My husband hasn't told me exactly although there was a bit of a "discussion" when he grabbed the second Fiscotti Joy I bought at Christmas. I hadn't tried it yet and specifically wanted to. Turned out he was just grabbing it to see the name to recommend it. That's why he's still alive! lol" 

Love Note from Clint
"After a long day snow blowing the driveway, it is nice to come in and enjoy a cookie with some hot chocolate. I highly recommend Rose's Fiscotti. My favorite is the Fiscotti Joy with chocolate, almonds and shredded coconut." 

Love Note from Elsie
"I love biscotti but not just any. Rose's Fiscotti are delicious and one of the best (after my Mom's) that I have had. The flavours are fun and unique. S
he adds extra flair to them all and delivers with a wonderful smile and tones of comedy!!!" 

Love Note from Joanne
"I ordered some for Thanksgiving to share with family and friends because they came highly recommended. I didn't tell Rose this but I wasn't one for biscotti's myself. Once I tried them... I had to try them all and I became a Fiscotti CONVERT!! Rose's fiscotti are fresh and SOOO tasty with her unique and seasonal varieties. These are a MUST try and you will be hooked too!" 

Love Note from Romina
"Okay that's it! Rose is my go-to-cookie lady...look no further folks, hands down Rose's cookies are the bestest! I placed a huge order with her on a Wednesday night and just like that the order was ready on Friday....Rose gave me a sample of what she makes, I was so tempted to open them all. Rose is not only professional but she uses the best ingredients and you can taste the difference. Hurry up and place an order with her, you won't be disappointed!" 

Love Note from Marie
"Hands down the best Fiscotti from Coast to Coast! It depends on the season as to which flavor is my favorite. A most wonderful and satisfying treat on any day. Rose makes these fiscotti cookies with love. You can taste the fresh ingredients with every bite! An absolute delight. The best thing about these fiscotti is that I can order them and have them delivered to me or any client, supplier, business partner, loved one for any occasion as the packaging is beautiful. Rose, your Fiscotti cookies are a huge hit to my clients and business partners, whom I serve to at every visit. Thanks for helping me make my client experience that much more enjoyable." 

Love Note from Rachel
"Absolutely fantastic cookies. We couldn’t stop eating them. Addictive!!! Excited to see the Mother’s Day treats we ordered from Rose!" ~

Love Note from John
"I tried the bites today for the first time  the package is now empty!" 

Love Note from Paula
"Thank you for my Christmas Stocking Stuffers!!! I continue to get amazing feedback from them" 

Love Note from Jess
"You make the absolute best Fiscottis." 

Love Note from Karen
"I cannot tell a lie. I ate 3 packages of Fiscotti Bites, over two consecutive evenings, and feel so .. guilty! NOT! They’re delicious! I want more!!! (You’ll be lucky to get a package off me for Christmas at this rate - just sayin’)" 

Anonymous Love Note
"I may or may not have eaten all the goodies you gave me... I am innocent .. there are no witnesses that are willing to talk"  

Love Note from Cheryl
"How is it I have not left a review yet?? I have had these yummy Fiscotti's many times and they NEVER disappoint!! Amazing product and talk about amazing knowing we are supporting small business by ordering them and sharing them! Rose cares! Goes the extra mile and you won't go wrong connecting with her!" 

Love Note from Rosa
"Rose's Fiscotti are the most delicious I've had, ever. I was so impressed (and hooked!) the first time I tasted them. I ordered a couple of dozens to take with me to Italy. They were a 5 STAR hit over there, too, unsurprisingly. I can't wait to taste what flavours she cooks up for the Christmas season!!" 

Love Note from Deana
"The best Fiscotti cookies. I placed a very special order and in less than 24 hours Rose ensured the Fiscotti package was out for delivery. I appreciate the care and assistance she provides because sometimes as a are not even sure what you are looking for! Thank you for always being there with your Fiscottis"  

If you want to write a recommendation, feel free to go to Rose's Fiscotti Facebook page.