Fiscotti Signature Collection

Fiscotti cookies are packaged in:
Singles ~ $3.50 (CDN)
3 Packs ~ $10.50 (CDN)
6 Packs ~ $21.00 (CDN)
Bags of Bites ~ $10.00 (CDN)

The following Fiscotti signature flavours are available throughout the year

Nonna's Fiscotti - our first creation
Anise and fennel seeds, roasted almonds with a hint of Sambuca liqueur. 

Naughty Fiscotti - our most popular!!
Chocolate throughout with salted caramel chips, pretzels & Skor pieces

Fiscotti Joy - if you like Almond Joy, you'll love these!
Chocolate, slivered almonds & shredded coconut 

Fiscotti Bliss - if you like After Eights or Peppermint patties, you'll adore these!
Chocolate & peppermint chocolate chips

Rose's first priority is using the freshest and highest quality ingredients that are sourced locally.

Our Fiscotti cookies contain wheat (gluten), eggs, sugar, nuts, seeds and chocolate. While some Fiscotti flavours may not contain all of these ingredients, trace amounts of them may be found.