The Fiscotti Box is Missing!

Dear Fiscotti Fans!

I hear you can really use a break and a good chuckle. Well, sit back and grab your favorite drink because I have to share one of the funniest stories I have yet to hear...especially when it involves the Fiscotti cookies. 

Enjoy the read! 

Have you ever panicked because your keys went missing? Well, here's what happened. 

Last month, my sister-in-law called and asked if I could prepare a gift for a dear friend of hers. This friend (we'll call him BB for birthday boy) was celebrating a birthday and his sister wanted to give him some Fiscotti treats. Now, when I prepared the package, I wasn't told to send it to his sister, instead I sent it to him directly. Although my SIL may say something different. LOL. Well, when it arrived, he received it with so much excitement and he made sure to put it in his room because he was going to open it later. 

Except when he came back to his room, the box was G-O-N-E! Frantically, he searched every room in the house while asking his parents if they saw the box and NOTHING! OH-OH!! 

"BB" scoured the house looking for the package. He went back and forth looking for it, to the point of sifting through recycling and garbage bins. Bare in mind, this took place over the course of two nerve-wracking days. Little did he know that his sister took the package and hid it as she had other surprises up her sleeve. 

"BB" even woke up extra early the next day, to look for the missing package when he should have been preparing his lunch for work that day. All day long at work, all he could think about was where he should look next to find those beloved Fiscottis. 

Through the day, "BB" would call home a few times asking family members if there was any progress on the missing package. 

Needless to say, his birthday bash was bumped up a day earlier out of compassion from his sister who couldn't watch him spend yet another day on this frantic hunt for the "missing Fiscottis". 


I hope you laughed...enjoy the rest of the evening! 

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