Guess Who's Gone Kooky

Dear Fiscotti Fan,

Hope you are ready to get 'kooky' with me as I tell you what I've come up with for May. Most of you know it's one of my favorite months MAINLY because it falls on my birthday. Do I act like an overreactive 4 year old? Damn straight I do and with an abundance of excitement to boot! You know what I mean, it's like how you get kooky when you hear the ice cream truck...well, same feeling!

Anyhow, let's get into May's themed flavour...

Now wait, let me set off your taste buds to another planet (since everyone is going there lately lol)...I want you to imagine biting into a chocolate chip cookie and once you've bit into it, you realize there are OREO pieces inside too. For kicks, we thought we would top it off with cookies and cream drop candy...honestly, you will forget what day it is...and we're calling it the Kooky Fiscotti. 

I know you heard me brag about April's Happy Fiscotti but...holy mother of sweet goodness, these darn 'kookies' aren't too shabby. You'll have to test them for yourself, that's all I can say. And this time, the Kooky Fiscotti will ONLY be available for the month of May so place your order before they are all gone!

Oh, and just a reminder that Mother's Day is May 8th, and I've included a special - see more details.

Thanks for taking the time to read this...feel free to share/forward this website with your friends and family.

Enjoy life to the last bite!

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