Fiscotti Monthly Journal

As much as I love to bake, my first love is writing. Each month, I send out a newsletter about the Fiscotti Journey as it's been one heck of a ride. Some of the stories come from my Fiscotti fans who email, text or call me and they are so funny that it just makes sense to share it with everyone needs a laugh, right?

Here are past issues for your enjoyment...and hey, I would love to hear from you, so send me a note!!


January - Let's welcome 2023 with some Feist
February - For the Love of Road Trips
March - We're Perking things Up 
April - Let's Celebrate Everything Happy
May - WOW, You Will Never Believe Me
June - Ways to Enjoy Fiscotti Cookies 
July - Smooches & Cuddles alla Fiscotti


January - Let's Jump Start 2022 
February - February is Filled with Fiscotti Love 
March - Fiscotti Crew is Feeling Lucky
April - When the Fiscotti Goes Missing 
May - Guess Who's Gone Kooky
June - Are You Feeling Feisty?
July - Our Fiscotti Amore is Back 
August - Did You Get Some Amore?
September - Let's get Cozy 
October - Happiness is giving Thanks
November - It's Time for a Holiday Season Road Trip!
December - Fiscotti Christmas Gifts await!


January - Fiscotti Comes in Kicking
February - Fiscotti Love in the Air 
March - 2 Good 2 Share 
April - Let's Get Caffeinated! 
May - When Heaven Knocks You Off Your Feet 
June - Did You Need Another Jolt?
July - Fiscotti Amore is in the Air 
Aug - Surprise Someone You Love
Oct - Fiscotti Hugs the Harvest Season 
Nov - We've Been Together 5 Years 
Dec - Fiscotti Crew Sends Hugs from Afar


January - Bringing Zest to Life in 2020!
February - Romance is in the Air!
March - Fiscotti's Shamrock Kisses are S-O G-O-O-D!
April - Hugs from the Fiscotti Crew!
May - When the Moon Hits Your Eye...
June - The Fiscotti Bursts Again
July - Fiscotti Secret is Out 
August - Fiscotti Goes Bananas
September - Fiscotti's Harvest of Love
October - Fiscotti Crew is Getting Ready
November - Spreading Cheer with Fiscotti
December - Hugs from Afar

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