Fiscotti Love Barometer

Fiscotti Love Barometer

P.S. I Love You!

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my biggest Fiscotti fans and she said to me, 'Rose, your cookies should be used as a Relationship barometer for dating, determining boyfriend/girlfriend material, or the final test to pass to determine if that certain someone is “the one”, just like in the movie “P.S. I Love You”. You know, the “Fiscotti Factor”. 

Now, it has been a while since I read the book or watched the movie so I wasn't sure what part of the movie she was referring to. So, she explained it to me and I couldn't help laugh at what she was saying. In the movie, Lisa Kudrow’s character asked 3 questions to various candidates (as seen here). If they answered correctly, she then went right in for the kiss. For this character, the kiss was the final determining factor if that person could be boyfriend/girlfriend material.  If the kiss was good, she would date him, if not, she wouldn’t! So, to my fan, the Fiscotti is her "Kiss Factor”.

“Offering a Fiscotti to a potential love interest would make or break the outcome based on their reaction.”

If the person reacted with an 'OMG, those were the best cookies I've ever tasted', then they automatically made it to a 2nd date, heck, they may even be "the one"!!
If their eyebrow lifted and they had that smoldering look when they took the first bite, then it is a relationship worth exploring 😊

But, if their reaction was 'Meh, that was alright' then the conversation would stop abruptly and they were immediately shown to the door.

Funny, right? Come on, a Fiscotti barometer, or the “Fiscotti Factor”, to measure romance.....hmmm maybe there is an idea brewing here.

Anyhow, thought I'd share this because it's no fun laughing all by myself. 

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