What is a Fiscotti cookie?

(Est.2016 & Canadian Owned)
Rediscover the art of dunking our brownie-like Fiscotti cookies into your favorite morning coffee, espresso, tea, or glass of milk. Once you take a bite, you will taste the love that is put into each one of our double-baked and handcrafted Fiscotti cookies.

The Fiscotti Crew's #1 mission is to satisfy every indulgence knowing that the first priority is using the freshest and highest quality ingredients at all times that are sourced locally.

Love is in the air...

Not everyone is lovey dovey for Valentines!! We get it, but we want to share love even if you are not feeling romantic. All gifts will come with an assortment of our signature flavours.

  • Self Love for You - single cookie $3
  • Fiscotti for Two - $6
  • Bags of Love Bites - $9
  • Tin of Love for 2 - $15
  • Share the Love Gift Box - $30

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Gift Ideas for every reason or season!

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for someone celebrating a special occasion or is in need of some TLC, then, you've come to the right place as we have the perfect Fiscotti cookies to fill a decorative gift box for you.

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Enjoying life to the last bite!

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